Tools – hardware

 • Samson Q1U

USB mic for voice-overs, etc. On reserve in the library, for film students only.

• RØDE smartLav


Use on iOS with free Voice Record Pro, which also shares files to Dropbox. Use on Android with Smart Voice Recorder or Sky Recorder.

• Azden SGM-X shotgun mic


Typical review here. Very high audio quality if used with skill. We have a telescoping boom rig that can be used hand-held or mounted on a (strong) tripod. B&H has a good overview on how to use a shotgun mic.

This mic cannot be plugged in directly to a “line-in” audio jack. Use the Griffin USB iMic if you want to plug it into a MacBook.

• DJI Phantom 3 Standard

Info, manuals, demo videos are here.

Putting on the gimbal protector:


• GoPro HD Hero2 (and Hero 4)

Manual is here.

Instructions for reformatting the SD card are here.


• Sony HDR-CX210


Manual is here. Three ways to use spot/manual focus are here:

• Sony HDR-CX405

Manual is here. Screen is NOT touchscreen, but you can still focus manually:

• Steadicam Smoothee

Steadicam Smoothee

Steadicam Smoothee takes some skill and practice, but adds an apparent weightless and smoothness to handheld work for when you don’t want that jittery handheld look. Works with GoPro and most phones held in a GLIF. Of course, it isn’t a Steadicam ($10,695) or a Movi ($2,695).


The GLIF will handle any size phone. Ask Krill if there are any around. Or get a camera clamp for free when you buy a cheap selfie stick at Renys.

• P&C Pistol Grip

In the orange cabinet. The Pistol Grip adds a lot of stability to both heavy DSLRs and phones held in a GLIF. Very good with the Sony HandyCams. You can also just use a mini-tripod as a pistol grip – anything to get your hand(s) below the camera.

• Multimedia iRig PRE



Pre-amp that allows you to run XLR and mini-plug audio into iPhone/Android for external recording.

• Elgato Video Capture


Converts analog film (VHS, usually) to digital. Download free Video Capture software here.

• Studio FX Slider

Good basic overview of how/when/why to use slidershots is here.