uf/reax: Blade Runner

Be ready Friday to take us through six things that you noticed/saw/learned/liked/disliked. Rewatch it (!). Look up reviews of the film (imdb, rottentomatoes, avclub), look up YouTube clips that people have pulled to show what they like. Read Wikipedia.

Try to vary your noticings, i.e., don’t always notice/talk about the same kind of thing. Try to find things that you think others won’t notice, so that at least three of your noticings are new to everyone.

Bring one copy of typed, printed real notes to hand in to me to take notes on.  And have your file on your laptop so we can project it as you talk — scenes cued up as well, if you want to use them.

  • themes, meaning
  • themes, visual
  • rhythm/editing
  • character development
  • film conventions used and meta-used
  • auteur-theory — connections to other films by the director
  • patterns
  • allusions to other films
  • soundtrack
  • connections

Template in Pages, if you want.