Cutaway x 2

Assignment: Make a short video, 1 – 2 minutes, using the built-in camera on your laptop (File > Import from Camera…), that shows you (or somebody) telling a stupid/scary/funny story with at least some of it done in a toilet paper+laptop slider shot, using two kinds of cutaway, multiple times: slider 1  slider 2   slider examples

  1. One in which the protagonist keeps talking while the camera cuts away from the protagonist to the thing he or she is talking about. See this page for instructions on cutting away to a video, and this page on cutting away to a still shot, like a photo (maybe that you grab from your Facebook account).
  2. One in which the camera cuts away (maybe for a flashback or a flashforward) to a different scene with different audio, and then cuts back to the initial scene.

This is not about making a “good” movie — it’s low res and silly. It’s about getting quickly comfortable with two very important editing skills. If you want to work with a partner, with only one of you actually in the film, that’s fine, but each of you need to edit separately.

Probably will work best with the subject NOT looking at the camera, but instead seeming to tell the story to somebody to the side of the camera.

If you are skilled/comfortable with cutaways, you might try to incorporate a multi-cam sequence.

Due October 28