American Hustle


A lot of the more interesting stuff about technique comes around the 17 minute mark and later, but here are some of the biggest takeaways about David O. Russell and his style:

  • Lights for 360 degrees so that people can move in the environment, which keeps everybody on their toes
  • Never sits at the monitors and doesn’t have a trailer, so there is no down time on set
  • There is a frenetic energy that comes from doing things this way that can push people to give their all
  • Doesn’t care about breaking traditional notions of technique, things that are wrong by conventional methods, so you get a sense of invention on the spot
  • Doesn’t want actors to be precious about their performances, because he can’t be precious about the screenplay or the direction
  • He is there to be moved or tickled, so if he feels it, then the movie feels it