Final exam 2014

Understanding Film this year had three goals:

  1. to expand your taste, so that you became an audience for a wider range of films than the blockbusters at Regal Brunswick 10;
  2. to expand your awareness of what goes on in films, so that you see more in what you watch; and
  3. to give you some experience in making films that you could not have made before taking the course.

Write an essay in three sections (2+ ¶s each?) in which you show that you met these three goals. Use lots of specifics, examples, etc., as support in each. In the final section, be sure to refer specifically to your last film (in addition to your other films, if you wish). If you do not have a final film, refer to the other other films you made during the year. In either case, in all answers, throw around as much jargon and film terminology as you can.

Make it look like an essay — name, course, date, double-spaced. Email essay — as an attachment AND copy’n’pasted into the email itself.