Basic sequence for making a conventions film

  1. Study and learn and understand your two conventions from the textbook and online
  2. Find and clip out, using QuickTime Player, at least three examples of each in Lola and at least one online

The numbers in parentheses refer to sections in the iMovie 10 course at You may also want to look things up in iMovie: The Missing Manual, available in the Learning Commons.

  1. Start a new library and movie, following this workflow
  2. Add clips to the project (4-2)
    • make sure you understand the interface (2-1), how to use the Event Library (2-2) and
    • how to import your clips from Lola and YouTube (2-3)
  3. Begin your film with Fade to Black  (5-4)
  4. Add a title for your convention (5-5), followed by another title that is a concise version of the definition; use the default fonts
  5. Use cross-dissolve transitions (5-4) between all clips and titles, just for practice
  6. Trim your clips as needed (4-3); use still frames (usually called a “freeze frame”) to extend or draw attention to some aspect of the image (5-1) if you want to
  7. End your film with Fade to Black
  8. Practice your voiceover and then record it onto your film (6-4)
  9. When you are all done, adjust your audio tracks (6-1) to make sure audio levels match across your whole project
  10. Export as a 720HD file (7-2 and course workflow)
  11. Don’t delete or move any of your event clips — if you have to re-do your assignment, you’ll need everything