HandBrake is a powerful open source video transcoder that is good at all sorts of video conversions, including taking large files (e.g., iMovie mp4s) and reducing their file size while retaining decent video quality.

Handbrake 2This especially helps for showing video through Airfoil, since it reduces the amount of data Airfoil has to deal with. Our Tools page has a description of how to use HandBrake.  Choose “Toggle Presets”  to output video for an AppleTV 2, which is the best setting for Airfoil and for the Room 242 projector which maxes out at 720 HD.

Please use HandBrake on all video files you submit for showing in class since it will reduce video stuttering and conserves space for my class archive hard drive.

File name format:

  • Color Day First Name Last Name – Assignment


  • Blue Brendan Dupont – 42 Lola Match Cut
  • Blue Brendan Dupont – YouTube Recut The National