Assignment: Keep the camera moving + b-roll cutaways

clapperboard 2


  • 2 minute video of a student talking about what they’re going to do after high school, with cutaways that illustrate/comment on what they talk about.

Formal requirements:

  • No audio of “interviewer” – the audio should seem like the subject just happens to be talking about Mt. Ararat and their future.
  • Rule of thirds for framing.
  • At least two video-only cutaways (b-roll), during which the interview audio continues under the cutaway.
  • At least one video + audio cutaway, during which the audio of the interview is not heard.
  • At least one cutaway uses a cross-dissolve (dream? wishful thinking?).
  • Most of the video has the camera in motion – dolly/slider/steadicam. No jumpy/handheld shots.
  • Try a slow push in, in camera or in post.
  • Mix up framing of the interviewee in post – shoot wide enough (medium?) to allow this.
  • No soundtrack music.
  • Title/black and then fade-to-black intro where we hear the person talking before we see them (“J-cut”).
  • Black at end.

If you have an iOS device, it might be time to learn FilmicPro. No matter what camera you use, it might be good to review

  • 4.3 Trimming and slip editing
  • 4.5 Splitting, inserting, and connecting clips
  • 5.4 Using transitions
  • 5.8 Adding cutaways, side-by-side video, and PIP
  • 6.1 Adjusting audio levels and position