Last gasp / bellow / bang / whimper

This is the way the world ends
Not with a bang but a whimper.
— T S Eliot, The Hollow Men

Due for Seniors May 26/27.
Due for Not-Seniors June 9 and 14 (!)

Last big film – choices:

  1. You didn’t do a Major Documentary last quarter, but you still have to do one. You have no choice.
    If left undone, but sound/Foley exercise done, highest grade possible for the semester: D (obvs, no work done: F for quarter)
  2. The default assignment: you make a new I’m-so-proud-of-this-I-could-pop film. It shows off your monster skills at every level, something you could have neither done nor imagined at the beginning of the year. Just wow. Highest grade possible: A 
  3. You take clips out of Blade Runner or Apocalypse Now and assemble a voice-overed video essay exploring/de-bunking
    1. its film noir-ishment
    2. its existentialistness
    3. its ridiculousness/offensiveness/misogynistness/offensiveness/wonderfulness
    4. any statement from a critic
    5. its multiple versions, helping people see the consequences of the differences
      Highest grade possible: A, if really good and well-done and deep and interesting
  4. You’ve got no desire/energy/time to make anything original with a camera, so you make an Amelie-assignment-style voiceover-of-five-minutes of Blade Runner, noting film techniques and their effects. Highest grade possible: B
  5. You want to explore another film, in the style of #3 or #4.
  6. You have a Potentially Great Work that you have made earlier this year but you “ran out of time,” so it needs some tweaking to achieve True Greatnessitude. You explain this to me, and we negotiate what to do. Highest grade possible: A. Likely grade, B
  7. You have an entirely new thing you want to make/try. We talk. You do it. Highest grade possible: A, but we’ll talk.