Assignment: “Narrative Music Video”

Your assignment: make a narrative music video. That is, make a montage-like video of something happening/some people doing something and intercut it with a band/performer performing. The two don’t have to match up, thematically, but they can. This technically may not constitute a “narrative,” but it probably will feel like it.

Random ideas: have a twist — set up the idea and then surprise us; do an homage — even copy something shot for shot; think of your shots as video-only — all audio is the soundtrack; use a film convention (or 2 or 3) as inspiration.

Have a least one shot you are proud of technically, maybe a tracking shot, or a rack focus, or an aerial shot, or a match cut, etc. Many music videos are almost all quick cuts, 30+ per minute, so there should be very few long takes. Try to mix up the shots – close-up, medium, long, etc.

Do not choose this assignment as a way of avoiding the work of the Montage Assignment. At least half of these clips are your work; all the editing is your work, including (radically?) editing the orginal music video.

Please give your final film some ease on both ends — maybe fade from and to black; maybe have credits; please begin and end audio purposefully.