Interview practice


  • 2 minute video of a somebody talking about what they’re going to do in the future, with B-roll cutaways that illustrate/comment on what they talk about. Can be serious or funny, straight or parody.

Formal requirements:

  • No audio of “interviewer” – the audio should seem like the subject just happens to be talking the future
  • Interview framing is classic rule of thirds, with key light on the wide side, bounce light for fill
  • Subject is visually well-differentiated from background (back light?), which is intentionally framed
  • Interview is recorded with lav mic
  • At least two jump cuts in interview segments, maybe to cover edit, that are so exquisitely timed/cut that a non-film person wouldn’t even notice they happened
  • In post, fake a very slow slider push-in a couple of times to see how it affects the feeling of the content
  • At least five video-only B-roll cutaways, during which the interview audio continues under the cutaway
  • At least one video + audio cutaway, during which the audio of the interview is not heard
  • Most of the cutaway video has the camera in motion –
    • dolly/slider/steadicam
    • one or two jumpy-handheld shots at most
    • at least half of B-roll is shot by you
    • max of one looking-out-the-window-of-a-vehicle shot
  • No soundtrack music
  • Use the classic J-cut beginning – subject talking but we haven’t seen them yet
  • Fade-to-black at end, then 5 seconds of black, then outtakes showing
    • BTS: adjusting of the bounce board
    • list of questions you asked
    • BTS: question(s) being asked
    • BTS: you shooting B-roll with a slider

Due: Beginning of period, February 26/27.