Sound design/Foley

Tech assignment, due April 24 – April 25 (Tues/Wed):

2 minutes of multiple-clips film, all audio replaced.

Show two versions (= 4 minutes):

  1. edited/assembled, with original sound
  2. edited/assembled, with replaced sound


  • No dialog (unless you feel you just have to, in which case it you have to talk to me and has to be looped/dubbed/ADRed) ; really, just do “action.”
  • Minimum (i.e., for a “C”) of 10 different effects,
    • at least 5 of which are Foleyed by you,
    • at least one of each – “footsteps, cloth, props”
    • at least 4 of which are prerecorded sound effects,
    • and at least one of which is ambient sound, either 
      • recorded by you (get it when you’re out there; c.f., Krill sailing film) or
    • from a library
      that unifies several different shots, enhancing the illusion that they are seamless/sequential (i.e., “all this is happening one after the other, I just happen to be looking this way and that way”)
  • Not funny — the goal is to create an illusion, not trash it. (OK – one funny sound, if you have to.)
  • All audio is balanced, clip-to-clip – the audience (me!) should not have to ride the gain to balance loud and quiet sections.
  • Explore the sound effects (especially “ambience”) that come with iMovie (2011 or 2013); in addition, the web is packed with free sound effects.
  • If you want to play with split screen to show off your Foley chops (i.e.,  a BTS on one side, as in Track Stars, below) iMovie help is here.
  • Note: if you want, you can do a music video – e.g., Jordan’s “Black Bird,” Alex’s “Believe” (ft Koda) – multiple clips, all sound replaced with original sound recorded by you, sound effects added.

Classic demo of old-school Foley work:

Basic tutorial on multiple audio tracks in iMovie 2011:

Basic tutorial on audio in iMovie 2013:

More sophisticated editing – The Precision Editor: