Senior exams

Exams are

  • Red 3: Thursday, May 31
  • Blue 2: Tuesday, June 5

Bring laptop with

  • several gigabytes of room,
  • functioning iMovie,
  • the sound skills you learned in Foley assignment, and
  • general editing skills


Make a 2 – 3 minute documentary, using as much or as little of the provided video clips and sound files as you want to make a compelling piece (but not a montage). There is no need to match the voice-overs to the visual – they can just track along separately.


  • title
  • J-cut beginning, either from black or from image/clip
  • unify entire video with ambient sound (quiet wind?)
  • some slo mo
  • cut out all narrative audio from clips
  • use a couple of sound cues of birds to add to “outdoorness”
  • fade sound at end