Due to production delays and schedule restrictions…

… progress in Film Class seems to be a little slower than usual. Here’s the solution.

Finish watching Ghost World on yr. own by Tuesday/Wednesday October 26/27, so we can discuss it in class a bit.

Choose one of the assignments below. Write a 3-4 page paper, due October 28 and 29 for RED and BLUE:

1. Answer ALL the questions about Rebel Without a Cause (see post below)


2. Answer ALL the questions about Ghost World (see post below)


3. Write a paper that compares Rebel & Ghost World using the following to guide you: Compare and contrast the way these films portray “disaffected youth” through the lives and experiences of the main characters. You might consider what has changed in our culture from the “hot” and “emotional” problems of the teens in Rebel to the “cool” and “ironic” attitude of Enid. You might also consider which (if either) of these alienated teen movies most resonates with you (or your generation). Please note: though this topic isn’t broken down into separate questions, it’s a serious one that deserves at least as much attention and writing as the other two. Make sure you are pointing to specific things in the films to support your ideas.

    Your name, quote from critic:

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