First Semester Film Project

Make a film, less than 10 minutes long, that tells a story without the use of dialogue.

Three act script is due right after Thanksgiving, so you have time to shoot the film for Christmas.

You need to:

  • Write a one-paragraph synopsis of your story
  • Lengthen that into a 3-Act Script
  • Then write a detailed shot list for each of the 3-Acts
  • Then break that shot list down into a shooting plan, grouping shots together according to location and personnel involved
  • Start shooting it

Give My Word is a film I made for film class at New York University in the summer of 2004. You can watch it. Below the video is a pdf of my script and shot list, which you can use as a model for yours.

script and shot list

Here’s a link to a college film teacher’s clear explanation of the the three act structure.

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