Auteur Assignment


Here’s a PDF of the auteur assignment. In simplest form:

  1. pick a director
  2. watch 3 or more films by that director
  3. research the director and the films
  4. write a paper (or make a clip-ful Keynote presentation): what makes this director’s work recognizable as his or hers — in form and in content?

Seeing some good examples might help you out:

NEW: Here is Carolyn Glaude’s Keynote of Clint Eastwood and Eileen Streeter’s paper on Joseph Wright. Both are PDFs (to save space), so you can’t really watch the clips or operate the Keynote, but you sure can get the idea.

This one comes from a Mt. Ararat student (class of 2007) who picked an ambitious and unusual auteur for a high school senior — the Italian film director Federico Fellini.

This one comes from a pro: David Denby of the New Yorker magazine, writing about the Coen Brothers at the time that No Country for Old Men was coming out.