Billy the Kid


Reality” on film


Reality” in reality



Write an essay which reflects on Billy The Kid, our class discussion of Billy the Kid, and the reviews of the film linked below. Your essay should consider such things as:

  • how the film portrays Billy
  • how the film portrays the school and the community in which Billy lives
  • differences between the film and the reality you have experienced as a student in this community (and, if it applies, as a schoolmate of Billy’s)
  • whether the film exploits Billy, even if to put him in a positive light
  • how your experience of the film compares to those of critics from outside the Mt. Ararat community.

For this last bullet point, please read the four reviews linked below. Find and copy 3 quotes (from at least two reviews) that you have something to say about – because you agree, or disagree, or see something in the film which relates to it, or know something about the subject of the film which relates to it. Copy each quote and write a paragraph for each one which connects the quote to the film to your perception of the film and the reality that the film is based on.

A link to the New York Times review, another New York Times review, a review in the Onion AV Club, and one in the Village Voice.

By the way, it’s really interesting to watch an independent filmmaker’s publicity. Here’s the MySpace site for Billy the Kid.