Assignment: Film conventions

Film Conventions: Run Lola Run

We use Run Lola Run to develop awareness of film techniques and conventions. Items with pages numbers on the list are straight out of Anatomy of Film, on reserve in the library.

DUE: September 26/27.

Your job is to

  1. use the internet AND Anatomy of Film to understand the items assigned to you,
  2. start a new Library / Events cache / Movie in iMovie and drag Lola in (use your Workflow handout or this web page),
  3. find examples in Lola,
  4. clip them into iMovie
  5. make a film that introduces your convention with a title that
    1. names it and
    2. makes the definition clear and
  6. includes a voiceover to make sure we see what you want us to see;
  7. open and close your film with “Fade to Black” and begin with the “Standard Lower Third” title and type size on black.conventions-title
  8. In written description of the convention, use either “Centered” or “Zoom” from the Titles selection. 80 point font is about right.
  9. use the “auto” audio button on all your clips (select all first) to normalize the volume across the entire presentation.
  10. When you’re done, iMovie > File > Share > File… > HD 720, named with your item number, title and your name, e.g., “Blue 2 25 Lizzie.” Then run through HandBrake, Apple 720p preset.

A microphone is on reserve in the library, as are copies of the book.

For a grade higher than a C+,

  1. include a clip or two from other movies (YouTube downloads) and
  2. have something to say about how the technique shapes our response to the scene.

Sign up here for two different conventions (make two separate films, one for each convention).

Example – this would get a B or B+ – not enough examples from the web for people to really “see” it.