Assignment: YouTube one-shot re-cut


Due: October 31/November 1

Demo in class: go get Tennis Court

Goal: Learn basic post-production skills in iMovie by adding visual energy, focus, and rhythm to a structurally simple single-shot clip. Extra goal: aesthetic pride. That is, be proud of what you do, trying to make the final product better than the original.

Tools to use:

  • Start new Library, Event, and Project, import YouTube (or make your own)
  • Scrub > spacebar to pause > Split clip (Command-B)
  • Probably good to learn to use (faux) beat markers
  • Things to try with clips using tools in the Adjustments Bar:
    • Crop (including Ken Burn’s effect to create a pan or a zoom (see also this tutorial)
    • Change color/saturation/balance, etc  (don’t forget “Video Effects”)
    • Copy > Paste Adjustments
    • Speed (beware of losing audio sync)
  • Things to use/try from the sidebar Content Library:
    • Title
    • Fade to black beginning/ending
    • Transitions
    • Edit > Connect cutaways (mess with opacity?)
    • Cut/move/repeat clips
  • Sample list from the classes from a couple of years ago is here.
  • Wikipedia has an entry on one shot music videos with a list of examples.
  • Mental Floss has a page with 15 one shot music videos here (h/t Tiffany).

Lorde’s Tennis Court, recut sample:

BTW: Not only is repetition/rhythm a key element of music that we like, it’s a key element to be aware of in good editing – but not slavishly. Most art is about setting up expecations (e.g., rhythm) and then messing with the expectation (e.g., change of rhythm).