Assignment: Documentary

Documentaries are everywhere. Technology has become so available that, armed with a decent camera and a laptop, anyone with a good sense of story-telling and the patience to shoot and edit it well can make a decent documentary film that could go national. (Not so true of your blockbuster adventure film.)

The major film project for third quarter is a documentary, 5 to 7 minutes long, that tells a story, rich with visual information, about

  • an event (a game, a performance)
  • an issue
  • a place
  • a history (family, a thing that happened)
  • a group (a team, some friends, a family)
  • a person (a “profile”)
  • a process
  • a phenomenon
  • advocacy – make a case for/against something

This will take planning, so there will be a midpoint deadline — “filming complete” — one week before deadline.

Filming complete, clips loaded into iMovie: Monday/Tuesday, March 26/27

And if you’re not yet satiated by the number of documentaries we’ve seen in class, there is always Documentary Heaven.

Also Vogue’s list of Best Documentaries of All Time.

And Netflix’s current documentaries.

Final due date, ready-to-show: beginning of the last week of the quarter, Monday/Tuesday, April 2/3.

Checkoff sheet as pdf is here.